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Your style should be as limitless as you are


Our Story

Inspired by the dynamic pace of modern life, Jeffer launched Casebang. 

What started as a quest to find the perfect blend of style and functionality in phone accessories quickly turned into a groundbreaking idea: why not make phone cases that can change as often as our clothes do? From this vision, our signature replaceable back panel was born, allowing endless transformations with a simple swap.

Our Mission and Values

At the heart of Casebang lies a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. We believe that fashion should be flexible, accessible, and expressive, which is why we've designed our phone cases to be as adaptable as you are. Our replaceable back panels not only reduce waste by prolonging the life of your phone case but also open up a world of stylistic possibilities, ensuring that you never have to settle for a look that doesn't feel like you.

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